020 Autumn 2015

020 Autumn 2015


Summary WA 020

NEWS | 40 years and several lives

NEWS | Putting Gaia on the map

SKILLS | Handcrafts in the low-cost era

TECHNIQUE | Two brains are better than one

SPECIAL REPORT | Ferdinand Berthoud, the long awaited return

VIEWPOINT | Time 2.0, just an illusion

MARKETING | The formal rules behind watch design

TECHNIQUE | Glowing in the dark

MANUFACTURING | The true meaning of innovation

TECHNIQUE | Plastic fantastic

TECH-HISTORY | Plastic’s bottom line

HISTORY | Making cases (I)

PORTRAIT | Andreas Strehler: the master of minimalism

NEW RELEASES | Clash of the titans

WORKSHOP | Mystery object


Sommaire WA 020-2

LEARNING | Mathematics, the language of watchmaking

TECHNIQUE | Ten major watchmaking developments

COVER | HYT: a successful mismatch

TESTIMONIES | Call the usual witnesses

NEWS | 200 years, due cause for celebration!

IMPULSES | Stars for tomorrow

POST-SCRIPTUM | There’s a future in tomorrow


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