017 Spring 2014

017 Spring 2014


Summary WA 017

NEWS | The faces of the moon

NEWS | From the shadows to the spotlight

NEWS | Playing around with gears

AUCTIONS | Aurel Bacs: a hard act to follow

SKILLS | A rose by any other name

SPECIAL REPORT | Concepts that motivate

TECHNIQUE | The Peseux 7001, thin but not too rich

TECHNIQUE | The perpetual calendar, an unfinished symphony

TECHNIQUE | Unlocking alternative escapements

BACK-STAGE | The horological one-man-band

COMPANIES | Patents: how to protect your idea

TIMEPEOPLE | Mechanical dreams and nightmares

MARKETING | The ever-changing world of logos

HISTORY | The war of the fairs

CHRONOMETRY | Floating island foils chronometers

WORKSHOP | Mystery object


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