015 Spring 2013

015 Spring 2013


Summary WA 015

LIBRARY | books to read

NEWS | Louis Moinet’s extraordinary revelation

NEWS | Creativeness without the bother

NEWS | Seeing through the Mystery watch

MARKETING | Watchmaking’s aesthetic conventions (II): Homo fabulator

ABROAD | The dissident watchmaker

SPECIAL REPORT | The forgotten reminder

PORTRAIT | Dominique Loiseau, a living legend in manual watchmaking

SKILLS | Marquetry, watchmaking’s soul-brother

INSIDER | The ideal escapement

TECHNIQUES | Constant force: more than just torque

BACK-STAGE | Into the time warp

HERITAGE | The Jürgensen saga: births and rebirths

HISTORY | Traffic of All Kinds: Hong Kong (1950-2000)

MARKET | The battle for the base of the pyramid

WORKSHOP | Mystery object


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